Welcome to Crazy Farm Party blog

Hi! I am Pespi, the microphone from Crazy Farm Party.
If you don’t know this new game on Android yet, go quickly on: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pespiware.audiogame
It’s the only fun animal game for friends and family!


I invite you and your friends to imitate the sound of farm animals.
You know how to grunt? You have been mastering the cockcrow since you were 3?
This game is made for you!

Train yourself! Challenge up to 5 friends! Ask your child for a duel!
Who gathers most daisies will be the winner.
You can even share the results with all your friends on Facebook and Tweeter.

You already like Crazy Farm Party. Follow me on this blog!
I will share with you information about the game, tips to beat your friends.
You will be invited to choose new animals to imitate and discover my adventures…

I hope to see you!



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